How often do you or your loved ones forget to take their pills?

IPB Intelligent Pill Box can help improve people’s health with its unique feature of personalized voice reminders from loved ones. Allowing care givers to monitor people’s medication adherence, act upon it and prevent potential health issues.

Intelligent Pill Box

What IPB offers

Personalized Voice Reminders: receive reminders when it's time to take medication without having to hear the typical alarm chime.

Customizable Medication Schedules: set medication schedules according to your needs.

Tracking Medication Intake: ensure pills are taken as prescribed.

Improved Medication Adherence: reduce the risk of adverse events and improve health outcomes.

Multiple Users Support: multiple users can be supported in the app, making it an ideal solution for families that need to manage the medication of multiple people.

Intelligent Pill Box

How it Works?

IPB is an Intelligent Pill Box with personalized reminders that allows an embracing approach for loved ones to increase medical adherence.

With its unique characteristics IPB aims to offer peace of mind to all family members.

How it works